Osaki OS-7075r Massage ChairThe Osaki OS-7075R massage chair is next generation of the extremely popular Osaki OS-7000, and just like the discontinued OS-7000, focuses on deep tissue massage. The new Osaki OS-7075R now includes foot rollers in the bottom of the ottoman standard. Osaki also added a more powerful motor for the rollers and some increased the padding in the backrest. The design and look of the chair are exactly the same as the previous generation OS-7000 and are available in the same colors.

The Osaki OS-7000 has become one of Osaki’s more popular models and this massage chair will not be any different. The main reason for the popularity of this model is its unique design as well as its ability to provide a deep massage that is unmatched in the industry.


The OS-7075R massage chair features foot rollers, full body heating system, 46 airbags, head massage, zero gravity recline, Thai stretching, Chromotherapy, and much more. Let’s take a closer look at the features.

Foot Roller

Osaki OS-7075R FeaturesOne of these features is the new features is the added foot rollers to improve your massage even more. Rolling massagers were added under the bridge of your feet which spin to compliment the air massage for a more thorough massage.

Full Body Heating System

The Osaki OS-7075R includes a full body heating system which will help to loosen up the muscles for a much deeper massage. The heating system is specifically designed to target major muscle area.

Powerful Motor System

There are an impressive 13 motors that work independently throughout the chair. This motor system distributes a powerful yet smooth and consistent massage while allowing for less wear and tear on the motors. You get a better massage and improved reliability.

Airbag System

Osaki OS-7075r Airbags46 Airbags have been installed for the feet, legs, thighs, arms, hands, shoulders, and head. The airbags provide a deep compression massage to help promote stimulation of blood flow. Osaki has also included 3 intensity levels from low pressure to high pressure.

Head Massage

The Osaki OS-7075R comes equipped with a head massager. The airbag band is placed around the forehead area which applies a gentle to mid-strength compression imitating squeezing of hands. The head massager compliments the neck massage to help relieve tension headaches.

4 Roller System

The 4 roller system of the Osaki OS-707R runs on the proven S-Track with added 3D technology. The S-Track technology allows the rollers to follow the natural curve of the spine as opposed to a linear track. Infrared Body Scan technology along with the 3D roller heads maps your back to ensure you receive a massage tailored to your body and needs.

The Osaki OS-7075R includes a 31” roller stroke. This is the vertical range of the rollers which will reach all the way to your lower tailbone.

Hand & Arm Massage

The Osaki OS-7075R comes equipped with side arm massagers that will massage the arm, hands, and wrist. The Arms will pivot to keep your arms comfortable no matter the recline position.

Pelvis & Hip Massage

The Osaki OS-7075R includes airbags along the outer hips and waist area that applies a deep compression massage. A gentle twist of the hip to stretch tight muscles completes the massage. This mode is meant to flex and gently stretch the muscles around the pelvic region.

Intelligent Leg & Calf Massage

The Osaki OS-7075R foot and calf massager is able to make adjustments to the user’s leg length. This ensures that the multiple airbags massage the correct areas to deliver a satisfying and through massage.

Zero Gravity Recline

Osaki OS-7075R Zero GravityThe Zero Gravity position was pioneered by NASA to help relieve stress on the spine during takeoffs. The Osaki OS-7075R includes Zero Gravity which will raise the legs above the heart allowing the massage heads to apply a much deeper massage. This position also reduces tension and compression of your spine to make you more relaxed.

Thai Stretching

A Thai Body Stretching Massage was added to the Osaki OS-7075R over the Osaki OS-7000. This new stretch feature is a great addition to compliment the other massage features that come standard.


Chromotherapy uses various colors lights to help induce a further relaxed state. The more relaxed you are, the better the massage you can receive. If you wish to use this feature, make sure to do it in a darker room to improve the experience.

Remote and Settings

Osaki OS-7075R RemoteThe remote on the Osaki OS-7075R is conveniently mounted flush on the right armrest. The remote can be lifted to an upright position to easily access all functions without having to reach. Included are 6 preset massage setting for ease of use.


The Osaki OS-7075R Zero Gravity Massage Chair retails for $4295 and is one of Osaki’s best sellers. Check out Emassagechair.com for the latest sales. Please leave a review or comment at the bottom. Also, check out the Osaki Massage Chair comparison chart to see that side by side feature difference.