Osaki OS-1000 Massage ChairThe Osaki OS-1000 massage chair comes with some of the classic massage features that you would come to expect from Osaki at an affordable price. The OS-1000 incorporates 5 easy to use automated programs: Healthcare, Therapy, Full Body Relax, Neck/Shoulder, and Back/Lumbar. Each program delivers a powerful and realistic massage. There are 3 massage style techniques which include Kneading and Tapping, Kneading, and Tapping and Rolling. These techniques combined with 6 Levels of intensity allow for a customizable massage. The Osaki OS-1000 is equipped with Osakis’ Intelligent Four roller system that contours and reads a user’s body. Let’s take a deeper look at the features. Read further for our Osaki OS-1000 Review.

Quad Roller System

The back massage of the Osaki OS-1000 is powered by an intelligent 4 roller that is flexible to allow it to conform to the shape of your back. With 3 width settings with a 29” stroke length gives the OS-1000 the ability to massage many body types. The rollers will reach high up in the neck area all the way down to the tailbone area. 6 intensity options allow you to tailor the strength to your needs. Add in the 170-degree automatic recline for an even deeper massage and deeper state of relaxation.

Airbags Compression System

Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair

The 20 airbag compression system complements the quad roller system to give you a realistic full body experience. All the airbags of the Osaki OS-1000 are located in the lower portion of the massage chair to provide a massage for the legs, thighs, and feet. The airbag intensity is adjustable from weak to strong through 6 settings so you can dial in the strength you want.

Vibration Massage

Vibration massage is available in the Osaki OS-1000 to help further massage the seat, legs, and calves.


Osaki OS-1000 Remote ControlOsaki provides a fantastic manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years. All part and labor are covered for the first two year and parts are the structure is covered for the third year.


$1295 is a steal for this massage chair compared to other competitors in the same price range. Check out our partner over at Emassagechair.com if you are interested in purchasing the Osaki OS-1000.